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We are Robert and Dorothy Beierle, the owners, founders and publishers of the Our Town publication (over 28 years) and the owners of Creative Insight Inc., printing and advertising, established 1985. Even though my name, Robert Beierle, will be on the ticket for PA State Representative for the 139th District it’s a two for one deal. My wife and best friend Dorothy has been by my side since somewhere around the 22nd or 23rd of September 1971 where I first met her at Wallenpaupack High School at my locker number 318 and immediately fell in love with her. Yes love at first sight. I would like to say it was the same for Dorothy, but it took her about three more weeks, on the weekend of October 15th to 17th, at a Sky Lake Christian Youth Group retreat where we stayed up and talked all night. And we’ve been together ever since.

After my time in the military, we bought a piece of property with my mom and dad in the mid 70s just outside of Newfoundland: 110 acres which we paid less for than one would pay for a nice pickup truck today. There, Dorothy and I built a little 20x20 double planked cabin, lived without electricity for 3 years and hauled our water from an artesian well for twelve years before we could afford to dig a well. We were still using kerosene lamps for light and wood burners for heat, but we did start using a generator so that our boys could enjoy a little magic box called television and did so for nine years before hooking up to PPL. Oh yeah, for three years we didn’t have an automobile either, just horses.

As our family grew, not just with our three boys, so did our house in size. With the aid of a used sawmill we bought and repaired, we harvested trees off our property, cut it into dimensional lumber and continued building. Our door was always open and housed other children, sometimes family and sometimes friends, who had fallen on hard or difficult times. There were good times when we laughed, hard times when we prayed and sad times with the loss of loved ones when we wept.

Stand for the Constitution

Together, my wife Dorothy and I operate a publication called Our Town. We were inundated with our readers reaching out to us fearful of the vaccine and being threatened by their employers that if they didn’t get the vaccine they could lose their job. Dorothy and I prayed on this.

We are firm believers of divine intervention, which led us to start a church called The Secondary Church of the Immaculate Constitution. It is called the secondary church because it is just that: an individual secondary church. Your first church is for the salvation of your soul through God. Our church SCOTIC (The Secondary Church of the Immaculate Constitution) is for the salvation of your freedoms through God. This is a legal, legitimate church for which we have well over a thousand members, no yearly dues, and no tithing. It was established to protect Americans from an out-of-control government and we have been successful in helping hundreds and hundreds of people keep their jobs and not have to get the vaccine because the church has one simple doctrine which is this:

SCOTIC Doctrine ©:

We believe that our bodies and souls are a gift from God. To be forced to do anything that we believe could cause God’s gift harm, whether forced covering, masking, forced digestion, forced injections, forced testing, or to be forced in ANY shape, form, or manner to participate in anything that we believe will cause God’s gift harm or is strictly prohibited according to our church’s doctrine and/or to be separated, segregated, denied access by any means to any venue, businesses, services, for one time or on a regular basis. This will be considered a denial of our constitutional religious rights protected under the 1st Amendment, thereby opening said offenders to possible legal action. © 2021

And it worked. Praise God! All glory and honor to Him. We took on the network CBS, Federal and State prisons, schools, workplaces, and corporations... and we were successful! The government didn’t help. The Republican party didn’t help. State Representatives didn’t help. They all turned a blind eye to the people of this country.

We have to be creative in our thinking. We can no longer look to the government as our friend, as a fellow patriot. We must accept what the government has become: an out of control adversary that cares not for the people they are supposed to represent, but looks at us as nothing more than indentured servants required to pay whatever taxes they demand from us while stripping our Constitutional rights all while demanding that we do whatever they tell us without question.

Dorothy and I have been fighting this fight for almost 30 years with our publication Our Town and we have finally gotten to the point where we can no longer sit idly by and watch our country’s core beliefs simply vanish and disappear. We will fight for the American people.

Because of the Our Town publication and our stand for the Constitution and American values, we have received death threats, liberals trying to put us out of business, and the continual barrage of name calling and accusations from liberals who have literally lost their minds.

We are seasoned warriors and are willing to defend this country no matter the cost. That’s who we are and this is what we do. We want you to know that you can believe in and trust in us. We will not let you down.

Sincerely yours,

Robert and Dorothy Beierle

Our Town

Our Town is distributed to nine different markets in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. We also have subscriptions that take us all over the country. It is a conservative publication where we do our own writing, including original short stories, commentary on life, and political editorials. We reach between 300,000 and 400,000 people monthly.

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