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Robert Beierle

For 139th District
PA State Representative

May 17, 2022

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BAD stands for Bob and Dorothy. Now you didn't think we were saying we're bad for "We the People." But we're happy to tell you what is: an out-of-control government. Please read on and click on the menu to see more on our website.

Our Mission:

To beat liberalism, cure all Republicans who have RINO disease, and try to make Harrisburg understand that “We the People” are broke. Government, like all of us, has to learn to live within their means.

The government never asks us if we can afford a tax increase, a raise in vehicle registration or added cost in regulations to our businesses. It has to stop. We are broke. “We the People” are broke. Do you believe that the government will one day actually say, “Well, we’ve taken enough money from you. We’re not going to take any more money from you. We’re not going to raise your taxes any more.” No of course not. We need someone in Harrisburg, not to represent the Republican party or represent the government. We need someone to stand for “We the People” and to protect their constituents from the government. That’s what I’m proposing to do... to be your voice, to protect you and your family. We must make a stand.

Dorothy and I are locked and loaded and ready to serve you as your State Representative in the 139th District.

Protecting Your Vote


Fuel Tax Relief or Price Ceiling

Enact an immediate reduction in PA fuel tax or put a ceiling on gas prices — if fuel goes over a certain amount (gas $3 a gallon; diesel $3.50 a gallon) the cost difference comes out of the state’s fuel tax instead of the pockets of “We the People.” The government will only care about an issue the people are dealing with if they lose income or their poll numbers drop.

Protect Our Constitutional Rights

Dorothy Beierle and I, Robert Beierle, pledge our lives, all that we own, all that we ever had or will have, for the protection of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and for the freedom of this nation. May God bless America! May He protect our fragile freedoms!

Spending Moratorium

Legislate a two-year moratorium on all new spending and increased spending in Harrisburg. The government has to learn what “We the people” have had to do for the last few decades… LEARN TO DO MORE WITH LESS.

Property Tax Reduction for Seniors

Mandate a 40%-60% reduction in property taxes and school taxes for all seniors. Yes this is a county issue, but the state can use its power to really help seniors with actions other than just words.

There is so much at stake here. And we can’t look to career Republicans and Democrats no matter what office they were elected to. They’re the reason our country is in such peril. Each of us, no matter where we live, must look for those individuals who are willing to put the needs of the people ahead of themselves and political parties. This is why I’m running in Pennsylvania for State Representative of District 139 and my wife Dorothy will be at my side. We are willing to take a stand, even if it means standing on the wall of conflict by ourselves, knowing that we are outnumbered, outgunned, and out-financed, and facing unbelievable odds. But we, like so many Americans, believe so deeply in our country’s core beliefs that we are willing to make this stand, not for profit, not for glory, not for power, not for self, but for you, your family, our family, our children, our grandchildren.

We The People

What we’ve learned from our life experiences is this: our Founding Patriots knew what they were doing. They were brilliant people. Our freedoms can be removed by a simple whim of a tyrant or liberal. Your choice. Even though a Republican politician may have an “R” at the end of their name, it does not mean they are for smaller government, less taxes, and seek to protect our freedoms.

There are times in one’s life that men and women must stand tall and strong for what is right, just, and what is guaranteed to us in the Constitution even if it means you must stand alone and in opposition to your own party. If you are in public office, your your only mission, your loyalty, and your service should be to “We the People” which is the foundation of the formation of our government. It is not to self, not to profit, not to power and definitely not for personal political gain. This is what Dorothy and I stand for; this is what we believe. To believe we can continue on the path we’re on and still maintain our freedoms and our rights is both foolish and ignorant.

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